Erik de Vos

Front-end developer


Over the course of my decade-long career, I have worked for various types of companies, gaining experience in a wide range of projects, including big SAAS initiatives, educational software, giant webshops, and agency work for large commercial clients. As a Front-end developer, I take pride in my deep knowledge of specific browser issues, and I do not rely on front-end frameworks or templates. I have worked with many different CMSs, from custom-built management systems to popular platforms like WordPress and Umbraco.

In addition, my experience with PHP and SQL databases has given me a core understanding of back-end techniques, enabling me to edit and manage these systems without external assistance.

Why me?

  • Deep Front-end knowledge
  • Focus on User Experience (UX)
  • Experienced in CSS animation and vector graphics (SVG)
  • SEO and speed optimization
  • Great at working with both Desigers and Technical people
  • Great at working with product owners and stakeholders
  • Great at client communication; recieving feedback, delivering a product, training users
  • Experience with working in an Agile environment and trained to work with Scrum.
  • I'm fun to work with :)


My main task as a Front-end developer is translating a graphic design into clean and structured code that a Developer can start working with.

These tasks include setting up the Git respository, setting up the project filestructure and then building the HTML and CSS/Sass. Finally, I bring the design to life through the use of Javascript/jQuery, CSS, and vector animations. After that I optimize the code for speed and search engines.

These examples are primarily built from the ground up by me.

  • Juwelier Burger screenshot

    Juwelier Burger

    This is one of the largest online retailers for pre-owned watches in the world. The high-end webshop boasts a plethora of animations and small user interactions, enhancing the user experience.

  • Filipucci Juweliers screenshot

    Filipucci Juweliers

    High-end jeweler with a custom webshop featuring plenty of unique animations and a strong focus on providing a top-notch user experience.

  • Banenrijk Limburg screenshot

    Banenrijk Limburg

    Modern job-offer site with a focus on speed and animation to stand out from competitors.

  • Vinciowonen screenshot

    Vincio Wonen

    Local housing foundation. Our aim was to make complex information easy to access for a wide range of visitors.

  • TeGek!? screenshot


    Mental health campaign by the Belgium government. Unique design with a focus on discovery.

  • Odette Lunettes screenshot

    Odette Lunettes

    Global eyewear brand with a unique design approach based on their visual identity.

  • SAD screenshot

    SAD - Sint-Annendael

    Mental and geriatric care provider with a clear and structured website for easy access to information.

  • Pouderoyen Tonnaer

    Pouderoyen Tonnaer

    Environmental and city planning, environment and law. Animations and a fresh style make it fresh.

  • L'Ortye shop

    L'Ortye shop

    Why call or e-mail when you can order your containers or materials directly from the website?

  • yOUlearn

    yOUlearn (2016)

    Remote learning for the Open University. I've worked on this project's ongoing development improving usability for the experience.

  • Bannerconnect

    CAPPS (2014)

    Various projects for Bannerconnect (Now called Greenhouse). Data visualisation, graphic design, UX design.